Uma's Story

Our miniature Snow Leopard

Uma is part of the first colony of cats I started trapping.

She is from the same family as Shorty, maybe a cousin.

She was approximately 4months old when she came into care and despite my very best efforts, she never came around to the idea of becoming a house cat.

A little while after she arrived here I realised that she was pregnant and unfortunately given how very young she was, she rejected all of her babies. They were so tiny and had the appearance of being premature. As I don’t know when she conceived it’s impossible to be certain, but there are indicators of gestation.

Two of her babies were near dead when I found them and unfortunately passed away. One went to a foster carer and despite wonderful care and being adopted by a lovely home, he suffered poor health all his life and passed away at about 1 year of age.

The remaining kitten stayed with me and at 3 weeks of age was lucky enough to be accepted by Lady Wayne who’s kittens were just 10 days younger.

Isla has a wonderful new home and is in wonderful health.

She has been a resident of Wilde Cat Cottage since 2019 and has not let me touch her …. Yet!


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