Jelly Cat's Story

Jelly Cat was brought into a local vet clinic as a stray cat who was found in someone’s back yard.

She was covered in mud, soaking wet, freezing cold and had several small cuts and bruises. Despite her very bedraggled state, she had such a lovely gentle personality that the staff decided she was unlikely to be a true stray, she had no microchip so was determined to be ‘’homeless’’.

Since the new dog and cat management board regulations came into effect, all cats without a microchip, who are found wondering can be put to sleep without any withholding period at all.

Thankfully, the clinic this little lady found herself in, reached out to me, rather than putting her to sleep!!

Unfortunately, Jelly Cat did not bounce back after her spa treatment, and it was determined that she was extremely ill. I requested exploratory surgery be performed and any necessary surgery done and sterilisation at the same time if appropriate.

The condition she had is called ‘intussusception’ it is a serious condition in which part of the intestine slides into an adjacent part of the intestine. This telescoping action often blocks food or fluid from passing through. Intussusception also cuts off the blood supply to the part of the intestine that is affected, it is extremely painful and can be life threatening.

It also happens to be an expensive surgery and I was extremely grateful for generous donations towards her vet bill.

After approximately two weeks, I received a call from a lady who had heard about Jelly Cat’s story and was in fact her owner!!! She was extremely grateful for the care that Jelly Cat, whose name is Maisy, had received.

This story had a very happy outcome, which could have been hugely different. It shows the importance of microchipping and keeping cats contained, either inside or in a safe enclosure.

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