Obie and lorraine




I adopted Obie when he was 8 weeks old from Sarah at Wilde Cat Cottage. I had planned to adopt one of the adult cats, however having recently lost my elderly dog, my heart pulled towards a kitten.

I spent time with the cats and kittens and chatted with Sarah about why I wanted to adopt a cat. I learnt about Wilde Cat Cottage and was witness to all the cats feeling comfortable with me in their space, even those who needed to watch from a distance.

Sarah makes sure the cats and kittens go to people who understand adopting an animal is an honour and we are being trusted with a very special job.

My Obie came to me knowing he deserved loves, he ensures he gets his snuggles each day, I think he loves food even more than he loves me, and probably equally with how much he loves his brother. I am very grateful.


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