Wyatt and Hugo




Wilde cat cottage offers a unique and special experience of bringing a new kitty into your home. Sarah is the kindest soul and rescues wild cats by performing some kind of magic and making them lovely. Wyatt is my son Hugo's first pet and the whole process was amazing. Sarah provided a space for us to meet the kittens and Wyatt and Hugo chose each other, they are both cheeky, playful and full of energy! I have owned 4 other cats personally and he is the friendliest: The Wild Cat!! He sits on my lap and cuddles up in bed. He loves to play and has a calm friendly manner. I'm sure much of his personality is due to the love and care put in by Sarah at the beginning. Wyatt was rescued from a farm after his Mum went missing when he was a tiny kitten. Sarah hand raised him. I will definitely be right back to Wilde Cats when I need a new fur baby! #recommend


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Mount Compass

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