About the "Cottage"

Wilde Cat Cottage aim is to create a safe place for cats who have been living on the streets. Either by finding them loving homes or a place in the sanctuary. I have a dream for it to become a healing space for humans who have experienced trauma and mental illness

What We Do

The Healing Power of Love

My mission is to provide safe, humane and nurturing care to the most vulnerable creatures in our world.

The ones without voices, Our animal friends.

With dignity, humility and grace to provide the best outcome for all creatures. Providing a sanctuary for cats who have found themselves homeless, either through abandonment, abuse, old age, illness, domestic violence or just unfortunate circumstances.

I rescue street and wild cats and through love, patience, food, more love and bucket loads of trust and respect, show them that humans are kind. They mostly then go on to find loving homes and share their unconditional love.

Sometimes though they need to just stay somewhere quiet and safe, with no expectations or demands upon them, and that's just fine with me. I get that.

This aspect of cat rescue speaks to the deepest part of my soul. So I am in the process of creating, within the cat sanctuary a therapy space, with a healing sensory garden.

A space where people and cats can bring healing to each other, by simply sharing a quiet and beautiful space. The cats will be allowed free roam of the space and the human's will have designated areas to spend quiet time, watching the cats do their thing, read a book, do some quiet craft. Knitting lessons, meditation session for individuals perhaps......... who knows what might evolve.


The focus will always be the cats! The benefits for humans, I believe, and have personally experienced, will be witnessing the beauty and grace of these lovely animals and with time and trust the absolute joy of having a wild cat choose to curl up on your lap and purr! Just to sit in a comfy chair by a fire or in a sunny spot in the garden and have a cat choose to share it's healing energy with you is a profound healing experience.

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Who We Are

We believe in a world where the lives of animals are respected, and they are free from cruelty and suffering. Our work brings people together in order to create the changes needed to protect animals.

This is me. Sarah.

The idea for Wilde Cat Cottage came to me in October 2018 after resigning from my job as a midwife.


It was a job that I was passionate about, good at and had worked very hard to achieve.


Alas, as many people who have worked in public health will understand, due to CPTSD I was no longer able to continue working in that role. Resigning quite literally broke my heart and I found myself in a mental health ward in the darkest place of my life.

I felt a very strong desire to keep working in a role that could make a meaningful difference, but it needed to be in a way that i could protect myself as well.

So I started fostering for a local rescue group and, like many wonderful adventures, one thing led to another, and here we are.

You will often hear people in rescue say, "I am not sure who rescued who" and it is very true for me and these cats.


I must mention that there are helpers behind the scene. My husband is a constant support of my work, and the board members of WCC are constant support and guidance. Every now and again there are foster carers too, and a dedicated WCC support group who spread the word and make donations and get involved with working bees and donations.


2028 Victor Harbour Road

Mount Compass

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