Crazy Cat Lady

'Crazy Cat Lady' is a term that we are all far too familiar with!

I find it a very annoying term, to say the least. I know that most people use it as a throw away comment and certainly don't mean any harm ...... however!

I have had struggles with mental health most of my adult life, and so the term crazy can be a tough handle to accept.

I am actually quite comfortable with being 'crazy' in the Alice in Wonderland way, or 'eccentric'. I am perfectly happy spending my days with the seven or eight cats I live with.

However, when I work tirelessly, always seven days a week and often 24 hours a day to remove, rehabilitate and care for wild, stray, abandoned, orphaned and injured cats in our community ...... that's not crazy!! That's hard work, compassion, love and a strong sense of duty to the vulnerable members of our community!! That is cleaning up and caring for the 'problem' that un-thinking people leave behind, ignore or just don't see!! That is taking animal welfare very seriously and to heart and doing something about it!

The reason I find the 'crazy cat lady' label offensive is because it diminishes the work I do. I have turned my home into a sanctuary for cats, not because I am some crazy lady who likes collecting cats, because I care and I can't walk past a problem and do nothing.

It feels to me that by diminishing the work that I am (and plenty of other dedicated welfare organisations are) doing, it is ignoring the issues these beautiful cats are facing, and that makes me mad!!

Ignoring the issues makes it easier for people to be comfortable with their position of ignorance or inaction when it comes to the welfare of the cats on the streets.

Let me just say that in Australia cats are vilified and referred to as a pest. An introduced species that is damaging our environment. As it happens cats came out on the first fleets, along with sheep, cows, goats, rats and mice, foxes and rabbits. Some of these animals have indeed created a nuisance of themselves, after they were introduced by humans. Others have served humans and made money for them, which makes them acceptable. ALL OF THEM have undoubtedly had a negative impact of the fragile landscape of Australia. But it was humans who brought them here, and humans who need to take responsibility for the situation that we have created.


I will step down off my litter box, have a cup of tea, then continue the work that I am proud of, and do willingly and passionately.

Just don't call me a 'Crazy Cat Lady', I much prefer 'Passionate Cat Advocate'.

PS I know that most of you will totally get this, so please don't take offense, but spread the word, so that those who haven't yet had their eyes open to the issue, may see it and help to make a difference

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